To live in the hearts we leave behind is not to die.

Today marks the 7 year anniversary of my Mamaw's death. She passed away July 8, 2003 with all of her living children, grandchildren and great grand children surrounding her. I can't believe it's been 7 years. Some days it feels like it was yesterday and other days it feels like forever. I miss her and I think of her every single day.

She was the absolutely heart and soul of our family. I can't think of one memory from my childhood that she wasn't a part of in some way or another. She was a very special person to so many people. She was a fun Mamaw, I saw her do many cannon balls into her pool fully Birthdays aren't the same without her LOUD tone death version of Happy birthday :). She loved having her Grand kids around. I loved spending the night with her, even after I was grown. Waking up to the smell of home made biscuits every morning and having a fresh veggie supper straight from HER garden! That woman could cook I'm telling you! And those biscuits, NOBODY and I mean nobody can make biscuits like hers, she had those biscuits down to an art and no recipe out there can come close, believe me, we've all tried!

She was so funny, she seriously had the best sense of humor ever, she loved to laugh and tell jokes. She was an amazing seamstress, and she loved to quilt and crochet. She loved her church, she was always involved in something there. And I can't go to her church without someone mentioning her or saying how much they miss her, she was such a special part of the congregation. It's still really weird to sit in the sanctuary and look at her seat that she sat in every Sunday.

There are so many ways that I miss her, that my whole family misses her. She was such an important part of our family. The hole that she left is deep and wide, life isn't the same without her. I miss her so very very much!

The memory of a good person is a blessing.
Proverb 10:7

In summer, the song sings itself.~W.C. Williams

We have been on summer break for a week now, it's been nice. Sleeping in, staying up late, playing outside, swimming, playing in the sprinkler, VBS and just being lazy, eating snow cones, eating watermelon and fresh strawberries, squash and eating fresh tomatoes straight from the garden. Seriously, you can't get a tomato at the grocery store that tastes nearly as good as one out of the garden of someone you know. Summer has the best veggies! Basically, Summer just tastes good!

i love summer Pictures, Images and Photos

Watermelon Pictures, Images and Photos

Snow cone Pictures, Images and Photos

strawberry Pictures, Images and Photos

BEACH Pictures, Images and Photos

beach ball Pictures, Images and Photos

I love summer!

What is Summer to you?

We're fun!

Today Alyvia brought home a note in her folder along with a big blue ribbon. She got a "Showcase Award" at ArtBreak for writing a story. First off, I didn't even know she had anything submitted, so it was a surprise. But secondly it's the sweetest and cutest thing I've ever read so I have to "read" it to you :).

"Playing with my Family"

My favorite thing to do is playing with my family.
We swing.
We swim in Nancy's pool.
My brother and I like to climb trees.
My brother and I play in the tree house and the play house.
We drink lemonade.
We pick flowers in the summer.
We eat dinner together.
We play a Disney Game and Go Fish.
We visit Papaw's house.
We visit Grandma's house.
We read Cinderella.
My Family is fun.

There are several things about this that make me laugh. One, they have never climbed a tree in their They don't have a tree house, although, they do have a play house. The lemonade thing cracks me up, just because I'm just not sure when we had lemonade last. Oh wait I do, I got us some at Sonic yesterday, but still, what a funny thing to say lol.

So, I'm proud to say, by my daughter's own account, we have the bomb And we're a lot of

Well that's all, just wanted to share how awesome my family is :).

Happy Mother's Day!

I hope all of you Mom's out there have a wonderful day!

This is a picture of me and my Mama, circa 1981. :)


It's our TIN Anniversary!

This week John and I celebrate our 10th wedding anniversary. Aluminum is the traditional gift of the 10th anniversary in case you're wondering why I said Tin instead of You know how 25th is the silver anniversary and 50th is Gold, well the 10th is aluminum. So I'm making him something out of aluminum foil, it's gonna be real special lol.

Anyways, we've been married 10 years. Crazy how time flies, I can't believe it really. Part of me feels like it was just yesterday that I met him and then when I think of all the things that have gone on in the last 10 + years, it seems like forever.

We got married on May 6, 2000 at Mooringsport Baptist Church. I honestly can't say that I remember much from our ceremony, I was hyperventilating while I was walking down the isle (no joke!). lol I know I said "I do", because well I'm married and I have the papers and pictures to prove that. I would have a video but SOMEBODY recorded WWF over it. !@(#*$&!@#$*^!#@$ But I digress, no need in bringing up old stuff. ;)

We have been through the good, the bad and the ugly in the last 10 years, I can't imagine not having him by my side through it all. We've lost 3 babies, we lost loved ones, lost jobs, had illnesses, disagreements that brought us both to tears, we've gone through times that we just weren't sure we'd make it. But one things for sure, we've always pulled through. And I truly believe we are stronger for those times. If it wasn't for those tough times, we would not be where we are today, we are strong and determined and I know we'll be together another 50 years!

I can not imagine my life without that man. He makes me laugh every single day, he still gives me butterflies, he still looks at me like he did 10 years ago, he still thinks I'm beautiful even when I feel blah, he loves his children, he's an awesome Daddy, he works hard, he's my very best friend and I can't imagine my life without him. I love him more than words can express. He's my snuggle bear!

I'll never forget when he proposed to me on a pier on Cross lake with the possum following us around, it was September 27, 1999. I'll never forget him holding me while we both cried when we found out I had lost our first baby. I'll never forget the look on his face the day Alyvia was born, we both cried then too. I'll never forget "Like Red on a Rose" by Alan Jackson, it will ALWAYS bring tears to my eyes, that song is very special to us. I'll never forget our spontaneous trips to Dallas before we had kids. I'll never forget laying on the front porch in Blanchard watching for UFO's lol. I'll never forget (or forgive) him scaring me to death one night when he came home from the rig a day early, you shouldn't sneak up on a woman with a pistol, just sayin'! I'll never forget our first date, March 14, 1999, we went to Applebee's and to see the movie Carrie 2 (I still have our ticket stubs). I'll never forget him telling me he loved me for the first time on the pool deck at my Mamaw's, I had a note in my pocket that said I loved him too, I had just been too scared to give it to him before! There are so many things I'll never forget, we have a lot of good memories and many many more to make!

Happy Anniversary John, thank you for making my life wonderful! I am so blessed to have you as my husband and my best friend.



What's in Your Purse? (Blog Challenge)

Stacy Julian posted a challenge on her BLOG called "What's in your purse?". What you do is post a photo of yourself and then post a photo of the junk that's in your purse.

I only carry a purse about 50% of the time, it gets on my nerves, but I buy them and I like to look at them and they make me happy. I guess that's the girly part of me, the not girly part of me is the part that it gets on my nerves.

Anyhoo, here's me and my junk! :)



Yeah, I wear Tinker Bell body spray, what of it? It smells yummy! I have no idea why I have an easter egg in there, but is it gross that I ate the jelly beans that were in it while I was arranging my junk? They were still good. My lips stay hydrated, my elbows are never ashy, I never have to worry about my contacts drying out, and anytime I decide to wear Camo I have a necklace to go with my ensemble. I think I'm set!

BTW, I like the word Junk! JUNK, JUNK, JUNK!

Whatcha gonna do with all that junk, all that junk inside your trunk?

Teacher Appreciation week!

It is Teacher Appreciation week at Alyvia's school this week. So I put a few things together for her to give her teacher. This is the first scrapbooking project I've done in over a year, I still have

This is a little chipboard album that I picked up at Michael's in the dollar spot (yeah!) , I thought it was perfect for a teacher project so I couldn't pass it up. All of the pattern paper is from The Grade School stack by DCWV (love!) and I sewed on every page. I love how sewing looks on a layout, I don't care if it's out or not, I still like it, so neener neener!



On this page I helped Alyvia write her teacher a little letter!





This is what the folded up piece of polka dotted paper in the pocket is! That's her teacher and her! :)

I also made her this altered clipboard.


And I found a new product at Hobby Lobby that I'm loving! It's a WAY cheaper version of Mod Podge and I love it!
It was only a $1.99

Kids say the darndest things!

I have some funny, funny kids. They bring a lot of laughter into our house.

When they say really funny things I usually write it down and incorporate it in their scrapbooks some how.

Here's a few from the last few days;

I had just sat Gavin down with some cereal and OJ.
Gavin: I want something different to drink
Me: No, you like Orange juice, just drink your juice.
Gavin: This juice tastes like Feet.

He's only 4, where did he get that from? lol

Yesterday we were outside playing and alyvia was hula hooping.
Alyvia: I like huler hooping, it's good exercise
Me: yeah, it is good exercise
Alyvia: Do you think it's good for my buns and thighs?
Me: Your BUNS AND THIGHS? (enter laughter here)

My kids are crazy, they crack me up!

29 years ago today...

I have one year left in my twenties. Kind of bittersweet! But you know, I've always heard that your mid-thirties is the perfect age, so it's not like I've "peaked" already! ;)

I have a sort of little bucket list for the last 365 days of my twenties though. I haven't worked it all out yet, but I know my main thing is to lose weight (big surprise huh?). I want to get another tattoo, something meaningful.

John and I have been (kind of) joking that this is "Our year". Everything seems to be going pretty good for us this year so I'm hoping that it keeps going on like that and the last of my twenties goes out with a bang! lol

Anyhoo, here's to 29!!!