Tuesday, May 18, 2010

We're fun!

Today Alyvia brought home a note in her folder along with a big blue ribbon. She got a "Showcase Award" at ArtBreak for writing a story. First off, I didn't even know she had anything submitted, so it was a surprise. But secondly it's the sweetest and cutest thing I've ever read so I have to "read" it to you :).

"Playing with my Family"

My favorite thing to do is playing with my family.
We swing.
We swim in Nancy's pool.
My brother and I like to climb trees.
My brother and I play in the tree house and the play house.
We drink lemonade.
We pick flowers in the summer.
We eat dinner together.
We play a Disney Game and Go Fish.
We visit Papaw's house.
We visit Grandma's house.
We read Cinderella.
My Family is fun.

There are several things about this that make me laugh. One, they have never climbed a tree in their lives...lol. They don't have a tree house, although, they do have a play house. The lemonade thing cracks me up, just because I'm just not sure when we had lemonade last. Oh wait I do, I got us some at Sonic yesterday, but still, what a funny thing to say lol.

So, I'm proud to say, by my daughter's own account, we have the bomb family...lol. And we're a lot of fun...lol.

Well that's all, just wanted to share how awesome my family is :).