Sugar and Spice

My 7 year old daughter wanted Hello Kitty nails today. She wanted rainbows with glitter and hello kitty. She is her mother's daughter afterall lol ;)



Pretty cute if I do say so myself.

My nails however are naked. I can't decide what I want to do with them, blah.

Hope everyone has had a fantastic week and has an even better weekend. :)

Pink Wednesday!

I joined On Wednesdays We Wear Pink yesterday.

So here's my first official Pink Wednesday mani :)


I am wearing NYC Pink Promenade. The white is french tip white from NYC and the black is Black Rage by Pure Ice.

This was also my first leopard print, loving it, thinking about doing another leopard print later on.

That is if my neck feels better. I woke up yesterday was a crick in my neck and it's even worse today, it hurts like hell. Sitting on the couch now with a heat pad on my neck and shoulders. My husband is convinced that I have been doing my nails too much lmao.

Like there is such a thing! No Pain, no gain right?

Happy Pink Wednesday! :)

I am a marbling FAILURE!

I don't know how many times I've tried water marbling, but it just isn't happening for me. I am getting better and I'm learning what NOT to do but I haven't come up with anything I'd leave my house with lol.

I desperately want to do a rainbow marbling but apparently anything with a shimmer isn't going to happen. It either dries too fast or ends up looking like a big gunky glob on ugliness on my nails.

This was my first go at it tonight:

This was before I took the tape off and is a perfect example of WHY you should tape your finger up, it is M.E.S.S.Y!!!!!!!!!

The only finger that looked any good was my thumb, I used only cremes and it was PERFECT! So I went ahead and used that green and pink on my right hand. It turned out okay but it's not as nice and crisp as I want it to be. I want them all to look like my left thumb!

See this thumb? Isnt it pretty?

WHHHHHHY? Why can't I get the rest of them to look that good?

This is my right hand, it did turn out better than my right after I started using only the pink and lime creme polishes. Those are the only creme's I had that looked good together.


My middle finger turned out pretty good. Most of them have bubbles in them.

All I want is a pretty marbling mani, is that too much to ask?

Any pointers would be greatly appreciated!

Now I'm going to go take this mess off and get ready for my first Pink Wednesday :)

Some Girls are just born with GLITTER in their veins.

Today's Monday Nail art challenge on the Polish-aholics Anonymous group on facebook was GLITTERBOMB. Which is just TONS of glitter. There is nothing wrong with lots of sparkle!

I couldn't decide what to do so I did my hands different.

Here's my Left. It's my fav! Rainbow and Glitter? Oh yes please!

I used Pure Ice No means No, Love my nails Electric Blue, Pure Ice Wild Thing, the yellow is Wet and Wild have no idea what the name is, NYC Pink Promenade and the glitter is also Wet and Wild. I think I did three coats of took FOREVER to dry.

And my right hand

I used NYC Big Apple Red and the Wet and Wild glitter, I'm not sure what it's name is either.

My hands are in serious need of moisturizer in these pics lol

And because I sang this song ALL DAMN DAY because everytime I thought of the word glitterbomb, naturally I thought of Cherry Bomb. ;)

"Hello Daddy, hello Mom, I'm your ch ch, ch, ch, ch, ch, CHERRY BOOOOMB!"

Date Night Mani!

It's a day or so late, but I didn't have a chance to post yesterday. My husband and I went out to eat and to the movies Friday night. After seeing all of the awesome Harry Potter mani's this past week I decided that I needed one too.

It wasn't as cool as I wanted it to be because I was in a hurry, simple but cute!


Again, sorry for the crappy cellphone pics lol. Hopefully I'll get a new camera soon, my real camera was broken a while back by one of my sweet little angels.

I used Pure Ice Jaguar and Crimson and BM plate 16.

Hope everyone has had a good weekend.

I'll leave you with this great parody video in honor of Harry Potter! The movie was fantastic btw! :)

Manicure Addict's fab 400 follower Giveaway!

Check out this awesome giveaway she's having for having 400+ followers! Good luck!

click on pic :)

Fun Friday Mani!

Got up and did a quick polish job before running some errands this morning. My Pajama pants were my inspiration! lol I'm loving my rainbow french tips with glitter, so cheerful and cute!


Please, Excuse my crappy cellphone pics!

I did some nail shopping while I was out too, got three new polishes, a cuticle remover tool and some orange sticks.

Stay tuned for my date night mani, hubby and I and have a sitter and we're going to the movies ;).

Happy Friday!

Be prepared to turn green with envy!

I always like seeing seeing everybody massive stashes of polish so I thought I'd share my polish stash.

Behold, my stash....


I know, I know, it's amazing isn't it? I don't know how on earth you will ever contain the jealousy that must be boiling inside of you right now. :oP

And Yeah, those are bon bons! My sweet husband bought them for me a while back when I started really getting into it. Right now my polish inventory mostly consists of polish that is less than a few bucks a piece. However, most of them aren't bad, those bon bons are actually some of the best polishes in my box, they stay on forever without chipping. I never paid much attention to polish and brands and quality, I was just looking for something cheap to paint my toenails with.

There's one in there that is by Wet and Wild and I'm pretty sure I've had it since I was in high school. I've been out of high school for about 12 years now lol.

It's a sad I know! :)

My new obsession!

I have been a nail biter pretty much all of my life until sometime at the end of last year. I just decided I was going to stop and I did. Now, if only other things were that easy lol. Anyhoo, since then I have been completely obsessed with painting my nails. It's my thing! I have a box full of different color polishes and tools and other things to make my nails pretty. I love looking at all the blogs and going to the stores just to look at polish and of course painting my nails at least once a day lol.

A couple of months ago I bought a set of nail art stamping plates by bundle monster and I have been having so much fun. Today as I was uploading my latest mani and I was looking at the pictures of other mani's I've done, I realized I very much have a thing for zebra print. I bet I've used that plate more than any other plate i have lol. Somebody should probably take it away from me for a while, but it's just so damn cute!!!!!!!!!

These are today's nails....doesn't it remind you of Lisa Frank? It makes me want a new folder lol

These are just random zebra nails I've had lately



Excuse my nails in this one, I was in the process of growing them back out after a day working in the yard with no gloves. :oP

Sorry my pics are kind of crappy, I was using my phone!