Everyday I'm Shufflin'

Hello!  Hope everyone is doing fantastic and having a great weekend so far.  It is a b-u-t-ful day here.  I'm about to go spend some time outside with the family and enjoy this spring weather but I thought I'd do a quick post and share my nails of the day :)

This is just quick and easy nail art I did inspired by the glitter polish I have on.

Like I said this was just a quick I did, nothing fancy lol.  The polish is Klean Colors White and Spoiled Shuffle the Deck.  I love this glitter, it's really cool looking.  It's Silver and Red with small black glitters.  

Thanks for stopping by today, have a great weekend. XOXO

Pretty Little Butterflys

Hello readers.  I'm back from vacation, it was really nice and relaxing.  My nails took a little bit of a beating while I was gone.  I had to cut them down a bit when I got home :(  It's not that bad though, they just need a little extra TLC.

I want to welcome all of my new readers that came here by way of Nails by Kayla Shevonne.  I am SO excited and honored to be her March Featured Blogger.  Thank you Kayla!  :) 

Last week I was also honored to be asked to do a guest post on Peace, Love and Polish.   Thank you for asking me to be a part of your blog this week Heather, I had a lot of fun doing this mani for you and your readers. :)

She asked me to do a spring mani.  I knew immediately that I was going to use the China Glaze Electropop Collection.  They have been my favorite polishes lately, they are PERFECT for Spring. You can check out my post HERE

I chose a design that I have been wanting to do for a while but never have because I thought it was going to be really hard.  To my surprise it was fairly easy, I don't know why I have been so intimidated by it for so long. 

I used all China Glaze polishes: Fuchsia Fanatic, Electric Beat, Gaga for Green, Sunshine Pop, Gothic Lolita & Fairy Dust. The black and white are acrylic paint.  

I've had Fairy Dust for a while now and haven't really showed it too much love and I'm really not sure why because it's pretty much the bomb.  SOOOO sparkly.

Thanks for stopping by today!!! XOXO

Acid wash nails

Hello. Hope you're all having a fabulous week. I am still on vacation, but I'll be back home tonight :)

Today I have a new technique that I tried a while back. "Acid Wash Nails". It's where you layer several different colored polishes and then take a Q-tip and dip it in acetone and go over the polish layers to create a cool design.

It didn't really turn out quite like I'd hoped. I think my layers were too thick so i didn't get the same effect that I'd seen around. It did turn out pretty neat though, don't you think?

The polishes I used were China Glaze Pool Party (bottom coat), China Glaze Sunshine Pop (middle/yellow), and the top layer was Julep Helena but when I put it over the yellow it turned it into more of a redish color instead of the neon purple that it really is. It kind of reminds me of fire.

What do you think? Have you ever tried the acid wash technique?

It's WILD!

Howdy! While I'm on vacation I decided this would be the perfect time to schedule a few posts of several mani's that I never got around to posting.

Today I have a fun and bright rainbow leopard print to share.

Polishes used were China Glaze Pool Party, China Glaze Sunshine Pop, Sinful Colors Innocent, Sinful Colors Why Not, Sinful Colors Why Not, and Wet and Wild Black Cream.

I hope animal prints never go out of style because I love em a lot! :)


Lisa Frank nails

Hello. Today is the last of my Childhood Favorite things manis. I don't know about you but one of my FAVORITE things, even now, is to buy school supplies. Yes, I'm a nerd lol. One of my favorite things I had in the 5th grade was my Unicorn trapper keeper by Lisa Frank. I begged my Mom to buy it for me and being the spoiled rotten only child that I am, what Mama's baby wants, Mama's baby gets.

I loved all things Lisa Frank, truth be known, I still do. All of my nail art ideas are written in a Lisa Frank Composition book lol. I buy LF stuff for my daughter all the time too, it's just so fun and bright and cool. How could someone NOT like Lisa Frank????

So, here are my Lisa Frank inspired nails. They are pretty much the bomb if I do say so myself ;)

To do this Rainbow Gradient I used THIS tutorial by Plasmaspeedo on youtube. It's SO easy and is such an awesome effect. The Polishes used were China Glaze Pool Party, China Glaze Sunshine Pop, Sinful Colors Why Not and Julep Helena. The green was made during the sponging by the mix of yellow and blue polishes. If you love Rainbows you have GOT to try this technique. You're going to love it I promise. She says to sponge over the colors several times to get it brighter. I think i sponged over mine at least 5 times, maybe more, I forgot to keep up lol.

I will be leaving to go on vacation this morning with my family. I have several posts scheduled for next week though. If you email me or leave comments I promise to get back to you as soon as I can. Have a great weekend. I really hope you enjoyed my posts this week. XOXO

She's Totally Outrageous

Hello. Hope you're having a great week so far, happy "Little Friday" :)

Are you ready for another one of my favorite childhood things? I hope you've enjoyed my previous posts this week. I've had a lot of fun doing these mani's and I had a lot of fun chosing what to do.

Today we have Jem and the Holograms. Loved, Loved, LOVED my Jem and the Holograms dolls when I was little. Do you know they still show the cartoon on the Hub? Ahh, it just makes my day when I catch it on and get to watch it with my little girl.

That polish is actually what's Totally Outrageous, holy moly it's gorgeous. This is Orly Bubbly Bombshell. I could stare at it all day, it's just so bright and sparkly. And as my husband said "it's memorizing". lol

I really like how Jem came out, it probably doesn't look like her so much as it looks like someone dressed up as her lol Really, my favorite part is that polish anyways, it helps distract from the fact that she isn't perfect. :)

Well, thanks for stopping by today. XOXO

Hangin' Tough

Hello my lovelies! Today is my birthdaaaaaaay. :) And I have another one of my all time favorite childhood things. I'll never forget my 10th birthday, 21 years ago, holy sh*t I'm old o.O. anyways, I digress, on my 10th birthday My Mom gave me a present to open a few days early. At first I thought it was just an empty shoebox until I realized there was an envelope tape to the lid. I opened it and there was a ticket to go to my very first concert. NEW KIDS ON THE BLOCK!!!!!! I remember crying for an hour straight lol. I loved, loved, loved me some New Kids on the Block. I was in love with all of them and wanted to marry them and have their babies.

While I'm over the marrying and having their babies part, I do still love them. Every time I hear them it takes me back to laying across my bed reading Bop magazine while New Kids on the block were blaring on my little pink cassette boom box. I had the dolls, the big ass buttons, posters, tshirts, bedding, you name it, this little fan girl had it. Those were the days. I went to see their reunion tour a few years ago and I'm not even going to lie....I got a little teary eyed when they came on stage and the song "Tonight" started playing. I knew it's tune immediately, it was awesome lol. Oh, and they're all still smokin' hot, I MIGHT would still have their babies, just sayin'.

Okay, so I have to admit, I only put Joey because my nail wasn't big enough for Donnie. I tried but it wasn't happening. lol. Sorry Joe, but you really aren't even my 2nd choice. You're more like my 4th. It went Donnie, Jordon, Jonathan, then Joey....and the other guy that I can't remember his name.

Polishes used were China Glaze Pool Party, Julep Helena, Sinful Colors Why Not, Sinful Colors Innocent, and Wet and Wild Sunny Side Up.

This mani makes me so happy :)

I'm gonna leave you with a little tune that they're singing just for ME ;)

I'm a Barbie Girl

Howdy! I have another favorite childhood things mani to share today. BARBIE!!!! I LOVED playing Barbie's when I was a little girl. I had tons of dolls and clothes. I loved playing with my best friend Becca, we would play for hours.

One of my favorite Barbies was "Totally Hair Barbie". She had on a cool mini dress and long, long hair. I loved playing with her.

Polishes used were Kleancolors white, China Glaze Fuchsia Fanatic, Wet and Wild Tickled Pink, Sinful Colors Innocent, and an LA Colors teal with no name.

I tried water marbling because that's what her dress reminded me of but it was a fail every time so I gave up and did it by hand. I guess water marbling is just hit or miss for me. Speaking of fails, it also took me a few tries to be happy with my Barbie face. Thought it might be fun to share those too.

She just kept looking like Miss Piggy. Although, I really love the eye above, it turned out really pretty. Just didn't look like Barbie.

Sometimes it takes several tries to get it right. And then sometimes I just give up and take it off in a huff and do something else ;)

Did you play with Barbie's as a child? Did you have a favorite?

For the Honor of Greyskull

Hello readers. This week I have a special theme planned in honor of.......Meeeeee lol. My birthday is on Wednesday and I thought it might be fun to do mani's inspired my favorite things when I was a kid. I have a bunch of cute designs to share that I'm super excited about.

My first favorite things mani is "She-Ra: Princess of Power". I *LOVED* She-Ra, she was awesome. One Christmas I got nothing but She-Ra stuff, I got a sleeping bag and dolls and a cool dress up set. I ran around my house as She-Ra for probably that whole next year lol.

Polishes used were China Glaze Aquadelic and Klean Colors White along with several acrylic paints. I am not the greatest at painting faces lol but she at least looks like someone dressed up as She-Ra right? lol

I was definitely a child of the 80's so that's pretty much what this week is going to be about, Me and the 80's. :)

Thanks for stopping by, hope you enjoy this weeks posts. :) XOXO

Show me the MONEY!!!!

Howdy! Today I have MORE green for you. :) The problem with having one thing for so long is that it actually gets old after a while. I hope it's not getting old for you, I know there's a lot of green going around this week. I'm ready for some more colors. Next week I have a fun and colorful theme going on for my Birthday, hopefully that will help clear our pallets.

I am really liking this mani today. Its done using Wet and Wild Sage in the City, Spoiled Show me the money and the tips are Sinful Colors San Fransisco.

I love the Show me the money glitter. Its a clear base with two different sizes and colors of green glitter with gold glitter too. Very nice!

Only one more green post left, woohoo! Tomorrow is my St. Patty's Day nails, hope they turn out as cute as I have them in my head. lol


Just RELAX!!!!!

Bonjour! :) I still on the St. Patricks Day greens. Did you know that the color green is supposed to be soothing to your brain? Apparently it helps to relieve depression and anxiety and helps to relax you mentally and physically. Are you feeling relaxed by my green posts? lol

Today I have another favorite design to share, braided nails.

This was done using all Sinful Colors polishes; Innocent, San Fransisco, and Exotic Green.

Braided nail art isn't really all that difficult but it is a little time consuming. Taylor from Rejoice Nail Art recently did a Tutorial for the Fishtail Braid, take a look HERE.

Thanks for stopping by, I really hope you're enjoying my green posts this week. XOXO

Are you feelin' Froggy?

Howdy! :) Today I have more green to share. They have been saying green is the color of spring this year and I believe it. Last year around this time I had the hardest time finding a green polish. This year it's every where I go. I'm happy though, I didn't have very many greens until recently.

This mani was actually supposed to be a green leopard print but once it was done it reminded me more of a frog than a leopard lol. I think it's still cute though.

My base is China Glaze Gaga for Green, the print is done with Sinful Colors Innocent and
Sinful Colors San Fransisco.

What do you think about the green trend? Do you even like green? I myself am a fan of all colors, I don't think there's a polish I wouldn't wear. :)


Got Green?

Hey y'all! Can you stand anymore green? ;)

Today I have a cool splatter to share. I know I've said this a million times but I love splatter manis, it's probably my favorite nail art style. I think it's about one of the most unique looking nail art designs out there. It NEVER looks the same.

This mani was done using Sinful Colors Innocent as the base, the splatters are done with Spoiled Permission to Proceed and Sally Hansen Golden-I.

What do you think? Do you like splatters as much as I do?


Magically Delicious

Hello readers! I don't know about where you are, but it has been a GORGEOUS spring like day here, it's been perfect.

This weekend is St. Patricks day and I thought it might be fun to do a St. Patricks theme all week. I have some really great nail art to share over the next week and just about all of it is GREEN so be sure to check back :).

I originally had this mani scheduled for later in the week but it is by far my favorite and I am not a big fan of delayed gratification so I thought I'd start the week off with my favorite.

I'm really proud of how this came out. I used Zoya Dominique as my base. I got this polish in a secret spring swap and it my new favorite red creme, it is gorgeous. The Lucky Charm nail art is done with acrylic paints.

What do you think? I don't know about you but It definitely makes me want some Lucky Charms lol.

Thanks for stopping by, have a great day! XOXO

You can't have a rainbow without a little rain.

Good morning, hope your Sunday is going well. It's a rainy stormy day in my part of the world so I thought I'd share a little color with y'all. :)

I can't pinpoint one particular person that originated the Dripping Rainbow to give them credit but I've always liked it so I thought I'd give it a try.

I think it's a pretty cool design, I love it! What do you think? Have you ever done this one before?

Fabulous Friday

Hello readers! Today I have a cute mani to share that I did earlier in the week when the sun was shining.

I used two of my new polishes that I got from a Secret Spring Swap I participated in in one of my facebook groups. I used two coats of Savvy "Totally Teal" and I think two coats of Revlon "Radiant". These two made for an awesome teal combo.

The Radiant is a clear base with different sized teal glitter with a dash of green glitter too. GORGEOUS! It's one of my new favorites. This first pic was taken outside in the sun.

This one was taken inside with the flash.

Don't you just love this polish combo? Ahhh, I love teal! The Fleur De Lis is just an added bonus, it was done with white and black acrylic paints.

Well peeps, thanks for stopping by today, Have an awesome weekend! :)

The only jewelry a girl needs are her Nails.

Hello readers! :)

Today I have a pretty cool design inspired by another nail design that was inspired by the New Nicole Miller clothing line. The nails were designed by Jan Arnold the co-founder and Style Director for CND. It was worn by the Nicole Miller models on the runway during the 2012 fashion show.

Here's my adaption:

Polishes used were Julep Helena, Sinful Colors Why Not, Innocent and 24/7.

Here's the original design by Jan Arnold.

This video was posted in one of my polish groups and that's how I found out about this design. Jan Arnold talks about the design and the fashion show, take a look. :) Follow this link: 70s Nail Design at the Nicole Miller Fall 2012... by 5minFashion

Blue Needle

Hello readers! Hope the first day of your week is treating you well. :)

Today I have a pretty cool needle marble to share. I used Klean Colors White, Orly Sweet Peacock, and an LA colors glitter top coat....oh and a needle ;)

I'm still kind of the fence on if I liked it or not. It does look cool but that white was SO bright it just didn't look right for some reason, I dunno. I will say this much though, that Klean colors White is probably the best white polish I've used. It applied very nicely and in two coats it covered perfectly. Most whites I've used were really streaky and took 3 or more coats to cover completely.

What do you think about it?

O pardon me in that my boast is true!

Hello readers! Today I'm excited to share a new technique I just tried. It's a lot like the newspaper print nail art except you use something you print at home with an inkjet printer.

I used the directions from The Hybrid Chick's, The Digi Nails-A Hybrid Manicure blog post. She printed some digital scrapbook paper and use that on her nails and it looks really cool. I wanted to keep with the newspaper feel that I see a lot of and printed out a piece from the Shakespeare Sonnet "A Lover's Complaint". I also flipped it in MS Word so it would apply the right way onto my nails so you can read it instead of being a backwards like you get from newspaper print.

I really think it's pretty cool. It's actually a little bit more work than I expected, but it's not difficult by any means.

I used Sally Hansen Salon Manicures "Commander In Chic" as my base color.

I really love this design, I would like to do one from a comic strip, I think that would be totally cute.

What do you think? Have you ever tried this before? I hope you enjoyed the post today, I'd love to hear about your experience with this technique if you've tried it.


Time marches on

Hello readers! Happy March!!!! March is my favorite, it's my birth month and I LOOOOOVE my birthday. It is something everyone should celebrate, it should be a national holiday, just sayin'. lol

Today I have a design to share that I've been wanting to try for a while. I've always liked this type of design, I just think it's cute. It's really not hard to do either, I did three stripes on each nail then took my biggest dotting tool and did black dots, then took the same size and did a white dot in the middle of that and then took the next size down tool and did the colored dots. Didn't take long at all.

I used NYC Little Italy for the base, Wet N Wild Black Creme, NYX Between Mauve and Purple and Sinful Colors Mint apple.

I had to share my rarely seen right hand too. My left hand does nail art like a 5 year old lol. I love how neat my left hand is and my right hand looks like someone else did it. My left hand apparently had a pot of coffee and 4 red bulls because it was shaking like a leaf lol.

Well, thanks for stopping by, love to hear what you think! :)