Zombie Nail Art featured in NAILS Magazine Oct. 2013

Hey y'all!  A few months ago Nails Magazine had an open call for Halloween nail art to be featured in an article for their October issue.  They didn't want anything cutesy Halloween, they wanted scary.  My husband is a HUGE fan of The Walking Dead so I thought it would be awesome to do some zombie nail art.  Nothing is more gross than a Zombie to me.  Gag!

I'm really proud of how these turned out and the whole article is totally bad ass.  There are some seriously amazingly talented nail artists and I'm so honored to be apart of this article.

A friend of mine gave me the idea of taking photos before I mailed them off with this awesome blood splatter back ground.  When I packaged it up I actually cut the paper down to fit in the case so it's in the case too.  They sent them back to me so it's sitting in the case on my desk now.  

 They wanted scary and they got it lol I'm so excited about this opportunity.  It's awesome knowing what a wonderful industry I'm in that supports and encourages creativity and artistry like this.  Art definitely comes in all shapes and forms.


Geaux Tigers! LSU Nail Art

Hey y'all!  Today I have some more LSU nail art to share.  I did tiger nails last year too, you can check them out HERE.  That set was probably one of my most favorite designs but I do love the new one.  I did these for LSU day at work.  We all wore LSU shirts for their first game of the season.  My nails were a big hit with my coworkers and clients.

This was the tiger that inspired my tiger nail.  I'm pretty happy with how it turned out.  Several people thought it was a decal lol.  That's always a nice little ego boost, I'm just sayin' lol.  

I was going to do more of a tutorial but this is how far I got.  I forgot to take more pictures once I got in nail art mode lol. 

Here is one of my client's nails that went to the big game too.

Do you watch college football?  Who's your team?  I'm not much of a college fan but if I had to pick I would say LSU is my team lol.

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Fleur De Lis Nail Art featuring Sensationail Going For the Rose Gold

 Hey y'all!  Hope you're enjoying the first day of Fall.  The weather is b-u-t-ful here in Louisiana.  The sun is shining, the temp is perfect for opening the windows and playing outside, and I have the day off.  Doesn't get much better than that!

Today I want to share a mani I did a few weeks ago.  The polish is Sensationail Going For the Rose Gold, you can view my Sensationail review HERE

Sensationail is gel polish that needs curing with an LED light.  To do this, I cured the base and color polish and before putting on the top coat I painted the design on using black acrylic paint.  When the paint was dry I then applied the top coat and cured it.  The rhinestones were applied over that using nail glue.  

Thanks for stopping by today, enjoy the rest of your weekend and I hope you have a great week! XOXO

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Review of Konad m95 from Nail Polish Canada~Part 2


Hey y'all!  Just a quick post to share a photo that I forgot to put in my last post.  This is another image from the Konad m95 plate from Nail Polish Canada

I really love the lace in this stamp but I could have done without the polka dots.  My nails are really too short to show the polka dots off much.  It would be so pretty on longer nails though.   You can always take the dots off before stamping it on the nail if you wanted to.  It's so detailed and it transferred flawlessly.  

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Review of Konad m95 from Nail Polish Canada


Hey y'all!  Today I have a review sent from  Nail Polish Canada of the new Konad plate m95.  

I really love the images on this plate.  Konad is pretty much the top of the line as far as stamping plates go, in my opinion.  For the most part all of the images I tried came off cleanly except for the smaller hearts. I don't know if it was the polish or what but when I stamped with the purple polish some of the small hearts didn't come out very well but they came out fine with the holo polish.  

 The ring finger on my other hand came out just fine too so it may just be human error on my part.  My stamp could have needed cleaning or something. 

I've never had any complaints with my other Konad plates and this one is no exception.  They're easy to work with and the images come off cleanly and evenly.  The images themselves are really cute and definitely something I'll use again.  I'm wearing the hearts mani right now and I've already gone several compliments and ohhs and ahhs lol. 

This plate retails for $8.75 at Nail Polish Canada, you can purchase it HERE and also check out the other Konad plates they have available.  Nail Polish Canada offers free shipping with no limits to all of Canada and in the US they have free shipping via UPS for purchases over $50.  

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The products in this post were sent by a company representative in return for my honest and unbiased review. 

Bug Nail Art~Inspired by Skechers

Hey y'all!  Today I have some new nail art to share.  This was inspired by my daughter's new shoes.  I just thought the package was so cute and I thought it would be so cute on nails.  I love how it turned out, I just think that little bug is so adorable. 

 You can get inspiration everywhere, literally.  Here's the package I used for my inspiration on this mani. 

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Nail Charms, Gradients, and Glitters OH MY!!!

Hey y'all!  I'm am so excited about my nails today.  A while back I ordered some nail charms from Hex Nail Jewelry and I FINALLY put a few of them on. These were a little present to myself when I found out I passed my manicurist exam.  :)

I am so in love with this mani and these little charms.  I got a few more too that I'll be using soon.  And this new Sally Hansen black and white glitter polish, Strobe Flash!!!  It's awesome.  I picked it up at Walgreens last week for $2.98.

Thanks for stopping by, have a great weekend! XOXO 

Confessions of a Sarcastic Mom End It Movement Giveaway

Slavery is Wrong.
You know it. We know it. As a country, (the US) has officially known it since 1863. But here's something you might not know -- Slavery still exists. We want every man, woman and child to know that there are 27 million men, women and children, just like them, living in the shadows. In brothels. In factories. In Quarries. Working as slaves. In 161 countries. Including our own. We are here to shine a light on slavery. No more bondage. No more sex trafficking. No more child laborers. No more, starting now. - from End It Movement website

A while back my friend Destany from the beauty blog, Confessions of a Sarcastic Mom told me about End It and she told me that she wanted to do something to help.  She has come up with a wonderful giveaway to help raise awareness and hopefully a little money to go towards this cause.  You can get ALL of the details HERE on how to enter and get involved in the End It movement.

One of the entries for the giveaway is to create a manicure inspired by the End It Movement logo, a red X over a black background.  She asked me to do one for her post to give people an idea and this is what I came up with.

I hope that everyone will get involved and enter her giveaway.  XOXO 

Sensationail Gel Polish System Review and Swatches

Press Sample

Today I have a gel polish review for you from Sensationail by nailene.  I recieved a Sensationail Starter Kit and an additional gel polish.  

The starter kit includes the Pro 3060 LED Lamp, gel cleanser, gel primer, Raspberry Wine Gel Polish, Gel Base/Top Coat, an orange wood stick, nail file and a package of lint-free wipes. 
The instructions for use are very simple and easy to follow.  First you file and buff the nail, then you use the lint-free wipe and the gel cleanser to wipe the nails clean, then you apply a layer of primer and let that dry.  Once the primer is dry you apply a thin layer of the base/top coat and cure for 30 seconds.  After that you applying a thin layer of the color polish and cure that for 60 seconds.  When that is done you apply another layer of base/top coat and cure for another 30 seconds.  After that cures you take the wipe and use the gel cleanser again to wipe the moisture layer off (the sticky layer).  And voila, you have beautiful, shiny, and DRY nails.

The LED light is really great.   I've used several expensive professional brand lights and the Sensationail light is right up there with them, and a lot less expensive I might add.  It is only big enough to do one hand at a time but it's the perfect size to stay sitting on my nail table.

When you press the white button the light comes on.  At 30 seconds it makes a beeping sound and then at 60 seconds it cuts completely off.  
(When I was actually curing I put all 5 fingers in the lamp.  I took this picture afterward for blogging purposes and for some reason I didn't put my thumb in, oppsie. lol)

Here is a swatch of the Sensationail gel polish that came in the starter kit.  This is Raspberry Wine.  It's a gorgeous fuchsia with a really pretty sparkle.

Like I said above, I also received an extra color gel polish.  This is Going For the Rose Gold from the limited edition Liquid Metals Collection.

Metallics are HOT for the fall and this one is to die for.  It is gold with a slight pink tint to it and the metallic-ness is awesome.  I wore this one for a week without any chipping or peeling.  Being a nail tech, I wash my hands and work with acetone A LOT so I can honestly say the wear time with this is fantastic. 

This is definitely a brand that can recommend to anyone that wants gel polish without the salon prices.  It's easy to do on your own and inexpensive compared to the professional brands.  You can get Sensationail at Wal-Mart,  CVS, Walgreens, Target, and drugstore.com.  The starter kit runs around $50 and the single color polishes are about $10. 

You can check out more about Sensationail on their Facebook Page and Website.  

The products in this post were sent by a company representative in return for my honest and unbiased review. 

Beauty Blogazon Weekly Round Up

Color Club Wicker Park With Glitter Gradient


Hey y'all!  I hope you're enjoying your Sunday.  Today I wanted to share a new polish I received from Color Club called Wicker Park.  Wicker Park is from the new Color Club Fall Collection "Girl About Town". It's a gorgeous lavender cream.  It went on beautifully in two coats.  This swatch is without a topcoat and it's very shiny. 

 You can get Wicker Park on the Color Club Website for $8. 
I am totally obsessed with this glitter gradient I did using Wicker Park and Color Club Sugar Plum Fairy.  They make the PERFECT pair.  I can't stop looking at it.  I got Sugar Plum Fairy a while back in a 7 pack at Ross.

Some products in this post were sent for review in return for my unbiased and honest opinion. 

Gelish Manicure with Chevron Accent

Yo, yo, yiggity yo!  A few weeks ago I did my first manicure with Gelish soak-off gel polish.  This is the brand we use at work and I LOVE IT!  You may have already seen this manicure on my "How to remove gel polish at home" post.  The mani deserves it's own post though :). 

The blue is Gelish Ocean Wave with a coat of Gelish Izzy Wizzy, Let's Get busy, and the accent nail is Night Shimmer and Black Shadow. 

My chevron is kind of wonky, it would have been better if I would have used paint instead of gel polish.  But it turned out okay.

You can't tell in the photos but Izzy Wizzy, Lets Get Busy has a purple shimmer to it and it's really gorgeous.  

Thanks for stopping by today.  XOXO

Spotted Water Marble

Hey y'all!  Hope everyone enjoyed their weekend.  I worked this weekend but it was great.  We were pretty busy so it went by fast.  I'm LOVING my job, it's a lot of fun and everyone I work with is really great.  I seriously can't imagine a better place to work. 

Anyhoo, today I wanted to share a recycled mani I did.  You may remember the rainbow water marble I did a few weeks ago.  Before I took it off I decided to try the spotted water marble and I really think it turned out awesome looking.

I used OPI Nas 99 to get the spotted effect.  It's just really strong alcohol.  I will definitely be playing with this effect more, there's so much you can do.  What do you think about my spotted mani?