Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Kids say the darndest things!

I have some funny, funny kids. They bring a lot of laughter into our house.

When they say really funny things I usually write it down and incorporate it in their scrapbooks some how.

Here's a few from the last few days;

I had just sat Gavin down with some cereal and OJ.
Gavin: I want something different to drink
Me: No, you like Orange juice, just drink your juice.
Gavin: This juice tastes like Feet.

He's only 4, where did he get that from? lol

Yesterday we were outside playing and alyvia was hula hooping.
Alyvia: I like huler hooping, it's good exercise
Me: yeah, it is good exercise
Alyvia: Do you think it's good for my buns and thighs?
Me: Your BUNS AND THIGHS? (enter laughter here)

My kids are crazy, they crack me up!