Sunday, March 20, 2011

In my Next 30 years!

It is the eve of my 30th Birthday! I have about 15 minutes left in my 20's. I had a birthday party last night and it was so absolutely awesome. One of my very best friends in high school flew from Georgia to surprise me for my birthday. She FLEW across 3 states and rented a car just to spend a few hours with me for my birthday. There are no words to describe how that makes me feel, I can't believe anyone would do that for me. Another one of my best friends was supposed to come but she was unable to come due to an illness in the family, but just the fact that she was going to makes me want to cry. It was just a great night and it made me feel very loved and special.

I am excited about turning 30, I don't see why people get so upset about it. 30 is the perfect age if you ask me! Bring it on!

I think I’ll take a moment, celebrate my age
The ending of an era and the turning of a page
Now it’s time to focus in on where I go from here
Lord have mercy on my next thirty years

Hey my next thirty years I’m gonna have some fun
Try to forget about all the crazy things I’ve done
Maybe now I’ve conquered all my adolescent fears
And I’ll do it better in my next thirty years

My next thirty years I’m gonna settle all the scores
Cry a little less, laugh a little more
Find a world of happiness without the hate and fear
Figure out just what I’m doing here
In my next thirty years

Oh my next thirty years, I’m gonna watch my weight
Eat a few more salads and not stay up so late
Drink a little lemonade and not so many beers
Maybe I’ll remember my next thirty years

My next thirty years will be the best years of my life
Raise a little family and hang out with my wife
Spend precious moments with the ones that I hold dear
Make up for lost time here, in my next thirty years
In my next thirty years