Sunday, May 22, 2011

The ABC's of me!


B. Bed Size

C. Chore I hate:
unloading the dishwasher

D. Day

E. Essential start of your day:
a glass of ice water

F. Favorite Color:
It was purple, then green.... but now I'm leaning toward teal.

G. Gold or Silver?:

H. Height:

I. Instruments:
I can play the piano, although it's been years

J. Job Title:
Stay at home Mom

K. Kids

L. Live

M. Mom's name:

N. Nicknames
most of my family and close friends call me Am

O. Overnight stay at hospital:
only when I had my children

P. Pet Peeves:
the sounds of other people eating or drinking, it's just disgusting

Q. Quote from a movie:
"I'd rather have 30 minutes of wonderful than a lifetime of nothing special" Steel Magnolias

R. Right or left handed:

S. Siblings
I'm a spoiled rotten only child

T. Time you wake up:
6:15 am when school is in and other days I wake up whenever the kids get up

U. Underwear:
uh yeah

V. Vegetable you hate:
I don't think there is a vegetable I hate

W. What makes you late?:
me dragging my feet or my kids not minding

X. Xrays you've had:
my knee, my back and my wrist

Y. Yummy foods you can make:
my chicken fried chicken is off the chain

Z. Zoo:
Caldwell Zoo in Tyler, TX