Monday, July 18, 2011

Some Girls are just born with GLITTER in their veins.

Today's Monday Nail art challenge on the Polish-aholics Anonymous group on facebook was GLITTERBOMB. Which is just TONS of glitter. There is nothing wrong with lots of sparkle!

I couldn't decide what to do so I did my hands different.

Here's my Left. It's my fav! Rainbow and Glitter? Oh yes please!

I used Pure Ice No means No, Love my nails Electric Blue, Pure Ice Wild Thing, the yellow is Wet and Wild have no idea what the name is, NYC Pink Promenade and the glitter is also Wet and Wild. I think I did three coats of took FOREVER to dry.

And my right hand

I used NYC Big Apple Red and the Wet and Wild glitter, I'm not sure what it's name is either.

My hands are in serious need of moisturizer in these pics lol

And because I sang this song ALL DAMN DAY because everytime I thought of the word glitterbomb, naturally I thought of Cherry Bomb. ;)

"Hello Daddy, hello Mom, I'm your ch ch, ch, ch, ch, ch, CHERRY BOOOOMB!"