Saturday, August 6, 2011

Have a very Smurfy day!

Last week in one of my facebook groups our weekly challenge was a "Summer Mani" so in honor of summer and the new Smurfs movie coming out, I went smurfy :).


I love this blue, it's Why Not by Sinful colors. The flowers were dotted on with a toothpick. These little flowers are Easy peasy as my daughter would say ;).

We still haven't seen the movie yet, hopefully sometime this next week. My daughter is very excited about going to see it. We watch the old Smurf cartoons on the computer all the time. It makes me happy that she loves some of the stuff that I loved when I was her age :).

This is a fabulous little smurfy creation she did the other day of Smurfette. It's smurftastic isn't it?


Hope everyone is having a smurfy weekend!


  1. I love the color and nail art! I have that blue polish but I never got to use it that much lol :P ANd the smurf creation is so cool!

  2. The polish is gorgeous! Good job with the flowers. I'm horrible at freehand!

  3. Love it! The smurf is sooo cute!

  4. precious! :D i love the smurfette sculpture!

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