Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Sunday Football Series #2~ New Orleans SAINTS

I had every intention of starting a Sunday football manicure thing, but last week my hard drive went out and I had no computer. It was pretty sad, there were even some tears shed. Not really, but for dramatic effect, there were tears, lots of tears. We didn't have the laptop for almost a whole week, it was like living in Amish hell. No offense to any Amish that may be reading this. It was bad, on the bright side, both of my kids can finally ride their bikes with no training wheels lol. That sounds bad doesn't it? lol We really aren't that addicted to the internet....well maybe a little but I'm rambling.

Okay, my Sunday football mani. Last week was the Cowboys, who sadly lost that game. This week, THE NEW ORLEANS SAINTS! MY team baby! And they DID win their game this week. Who Dat!



I used NYC Black lace and NYC french white tip and Gold acrylic paint. I used dotting tools and a super thin paint brush for all the details and the fleur de lis'. This gold paint is gorgeous in the sunlight, it really stands out. If I had a better camera ::coughMr.AmberImtalkingtoyoucough::: I could show you but I don't.

I say that in every post, by now you should know I take craptastic photos, I apologize but I do the best I can. ;)

I haven't decided on what team I'm going to do this Sunday, suggestions are welcome!

Hope everyone has a great week, hump day is officially over so it's all down hill from here :). And tomorrow is the first official day of FALL. Wish it felt more like it but I'll take 90 degrees over the 110 we had a lot over the summer any day. At least we can go outside now without bursting into flames.