Thursday, November 24, 2011

Happy Turkey Day!

Hope everyone in the states had a great Thanksgiving and everybody else I hope you had a great Thursday :).

I had a great day with my family, ate and ate and ate. I made a pumpkin cheesecake that was DA BOMB! I'm actually not a big fan of Turkey, but my Uncle fried our turkey and it was also da bomb. lol

Anyhoo, to the point, my NAILS, because lets be honest, you don't care that I pigged out on cheesecake and fried turkey, you came to see some nails. The nails do involve some turkey it's just not a fried one. It is a cute turkey though.

I used Jacki's tutorial from Adventures in Acetone.

I'm sorry the pics are SO bad, only one more month of bad pics I promise. Well, at least horrible pics, I can't promise that I'll become a professional photographer, I'll just have a WAY better camera. ;)

Happy Thanksgiving y'all! Now that Thanksgiving is officially over, you know what that meeeeaaans. CHRISTMAS TIME! I LOVE LOVE LOVE Christmas time and I can't wait for all the awesome Christmas mani's in the next month. YAYAYAYAY!