Monday, December 5, 2011

The Nutcracker!

Howdy peeps!

Yesterday my kids and I and some friends went to see The Nutcracker Ballet. It was SO good. None of us had ever been before and it was quite an experience. It was so much fun. It was put on by the Shreveport Metropolitan Ballet and they did such an amazing job, it was awesome.

We all thoroughly enjoyed ourselves at the ballet. My kids were very entertained. They were introduced to men in tights which, naturally, brought on fits of laughter. I tried to give my daughter the stink eye when she started giggling when the Prince came out in his white tights but it's hard to keep a straight face when you KNOW why they're laughing. She leans over and says "You can see that guy's butt". And well, you COULD, those tights left very little to the imagination lol. I will say this much though, he looked good in his tights, just sayin'. ;)

I am so glad we went, we definitely made some good memories :).

Okay, on to the 'good stuff', you KNOW I did my nails for the occasion ;)

I am loving my little nutcracker man, he's too cute. The red is Curator's Crimson with a coat of Pure Ice Beware, silver glitter on top. The nutcracker is done with acrylic paints with a base coat of a Franken made by my friend Laurie Nievin called Natural Law. It's a dark blue jelly with silver glitter, it's gorgeous and I plan on swatching it soon in all it's glory, it's a beauty.

Well, thanks for stopping by, let me know what you think! :)


P.S. I plan getting back to the 12 Days of Christmas Challenge tomorrow :).