Monday, December 19, 2011

Sunday Football Series #15~Indianapolis Colts

Okay, pretend for a minute that it's not Monday and it's actually Sunday ;).

This week I chose the Indianapolis Colts. Congrats to them on their first win of the season :/. Poor Peyton Manning, I miss him.

I did a splatter using a LA Colors blue and little bit of silver. I LOVE splatter mani's, they are so cute and so much fun to do, it's one of my favorite techniques. :)

Go Colts!


  1. very nice splatter mani! my hubby would love this he is a colts fan.

  2. Nice splatter!!!! Lucky Colts--here's hoping they have a better season next year

  3. Amber, your Colts/splatter nails are so pretty and they look like something I might be able to do. Is there a tutorial? Or written instructions?

  4. Thank you ladies! :)

    Hikeeba, I know I've seen splatter tutorials on youtube before. What I do is take a thin straw, I keep the straws from my kid's Capri Sun drink pouches and use those. I put a couple of drops of polish down on a pallet and dip the tip of straw in polish. Then I do a small quick blow through the other end of the straw onto my nails until I get the desired amount of splatter. The harder you blow the bigger and more spread out the splatter will be. I like to have small splatters so I do small quick blows. It's one of my favorite nail techniques, it's really fun to do. :)

  5. I was looking in Google Reader and accidentally posted my comment on the wrong post! Haha.. My husband is a huge Colts fan! I love this!


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