Thursday, February 2, 2012

Cotton Candy, Fat pink pigs, girls with socks and bows


I hope you can stand more pink! :) Today I get to share the best water marble I've ever done. I think I finally found the trick to making it work for me. THE WATER!

I have been trying water marbling for months now and it just wasn't happening for me. It would always dry in the water before I'd even get finished making the bulls eye to make the swirly designs. I have tried it at every temperature I could stand and finally today I tried boiling the tap water and letting it cool. Apparently there's something about our tap water that just wasn't jiving with the polish. It worked perfectly! YAY!

I still have some practicing to do with the swirling part but this is as about as perfect as I've ever done. I am really happy with it and its PINK!!!!

I used China Glaze Go Go Pink, Avon Tropical punch and Sinful Colors Pink forever.

And keeping with the pink, how about a little song? ;)

My daughter learned this song in Pre-K, it was my favorite color song along with RED. R-E-D red, R-E-D, I can spell red. Fire trucks are red, stop signs are red too. R-E-D. :)

I don't know how your day could possibly get any better, an awesome pic of a pink water marble and now you can spell red. You're welcome! :)