Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Pink Wednesday!


Another Pink Wednesday is upon us. :)

I am wearing Sinful Colors Pink Forever with Klean Colors Metallic Red stamped on top.

I had a little smearing when I put the top coat on, I was just using some generic brand I just happened to have in my stamping box. From far away you can't tell, feel free to get up and stand a few feet away from your computer screen so it'll look better ;).

Pink Forever is really a great pink, I love it!

Thanks for stopping by today, Happy Hump day! :)



  1. Love this, great work! A stamping plate with kisses is on it's way to me and I can't wait to use it =]!

  2. I seriously just attempted those hearts on my ring finger. I failed completely at it and it smeared big time! Yours looks so awesome :)

  3. Very cute! We need to take it back about 10 years and you come over and give me a pedi! ;)


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