Saturday, February 4, 2012

Sunday Football Series #20~ Superbowl Edition

Howdy! Are you ready for some football?

This is my final post in my Football Series, I actually made it all the way through something. Go me! lol

Today is Superbowl XLVI (don't ask me the actual number cuz I have no idea! lol) The New York Giants Vs. New England Patriots. Since I have already done the Giants and Patriots both twice in the series I decided to do something different.

Instead of the teams, I just did one in honor of the actual Superbowl and NFL.

(please excuse my growdy cuticles, I should have put some lotion or something on but I was in a hurry to take pics in the daylight and take it off before I went to church lol)

My husband was the biggest player in this design, he even drew it out for me and everything :). I was also inspired by this ad.

I did 20 mani's in the series, here is a collage of all of the teams I did.

I think my favorites were Green Bay, Tampa Bay, and The Jaguars. Do you have a favorite?

I really enjoyed doing these every week, I hope y'all enjoyed them as well. :) Thanks for all of the ideas, team requests and love I've gotten from these over the last 20 or so weeks. Y'all have been awesome!!!!



  1. WOW the NFL emblem is awesome!! Love the mani! Design wise I really like the Jaguar print mani!! That is awesome

  2. Wow this series was awesome Amber you are soooo talented!

  3. I LOVE all of these!! But I am a pats girl! Especially since I love an hour from the stadium lol


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