Saturday, February 4, 2012

Sunday Football Series #20~ Superbowl Edition

Howdy! Are you ready for some football?

This is my final post in my Football Series, I actually made it all the way through something. Go me! lol

Today is Superbowl XLVI (don't ask me the actual number cuz I have no idea! lol) The New York Giants Vs. New England Patriots. Since I have already done the Giants and Patriots both twice in the series I decided to do something different.

Instead of the teams, I just did one in honor of the actual Superbowl and NFL.

(please excuse my growdy cuticles, I should have put some lotion or something on but I was in a hurry to take pics in the daylight and take it off before I went to church lol)

My husband was the biggest player in this design, he even drew it out for me and everything :). I was also inspired by this ad.

I did 20 mani's in the series, here is a collage of all of the teams I did.

I think my favorites were Green Bay, Tampa Bay, and The Jaguars. Do you have a favorite?

I really enjoyed doing these every week, I hope y'all enjoyed them as well. :) Thanks for all of the ideas, team requests and love I've gotten from these over the last 20 or so weeks. Y'all have been awesome!!!!