Monday, March 19, 2012

For the Honor of Greyskull

Hello readers. This week I have a special theme planned in honor of.......Meeeeee lol. My birthday is on Wednesday and I thought it might be fun to do mani's inspired my favorite things when I was a kid. I have a bunch of cute designs to share that I'm super excited about.

My first favorite things mani is "She-Ra: Princess of Power". I *LOVED* She-Ra, she was awesome. One Christmas I got nothing but She-Ra stuff, I got a sleeping bag and dolls and a cool dress up set. I ran around my house as She-Ra for probably that whole next year lol.

Polishes used were China Glaze Aquadelic and Klean Colors White along with several acrylic paints. I am not the greatest at painting faces lol but she at least looks like someone dressed up as She-Ra right? lol

I was definitely a child of the 80's so that's pretty much what this week is going to be about, Me and the 80's. :)

Thanks for stopping by, hope you enjoy this weeks posts. :) XOXO