Sunday, April 29, 2012

China Glaze Prism

Hey guys!  Today I have one of my newer polishes to share.  It's also one of my new favorites.  This is from the China Glaze Prismatics collection, Prism.

(Edited to add:  when this originally posted, I had this titled China Glaze Optical Illusion.  I realized that it was wrong when I went to actually swatch Optical Illusion.  Opps, sorry for any confusion!)  

This is really awesome, it's got a lavender hue to it and a bunch of different colored glitters scattered through out.  And I love the formula too, it's a 2 coat full coverage glitter!!! 

 I was given this polish by the lovely Heather at Peace, Love and Polish.  I am definitely hooked on the Prismatics now and this one is my favorite!