Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Purple Metallic Stamping

Hello readers!  Today I have some stamping to share.   Polishes used are Wet and Wild Black Creme and Klean Colors Purple Metallic.  I used Bundle Monster plate BM20.   

The Klean Colors Metallic polishes are really fantastic for stamping.  If you like to stamp then you NEED these polishes, just sayin'. 

You may have also noticed that my nails are a bit shorter than they have been :(  I had a nail catastrophe over the weekend.

It started out as just a little split right in the center, it wasn't even broken all the way through so I put some super glue on it in the hopes that I could buy some time and let it grow out.  If I had just cut it down then it wouldn't have broken so badly.  I snagged it when I was washing my hair and it ripped completely off.  Oh well, worse things could happen right?  ;)  I'll just be sporting nubbin's for a bit.  Just sucks because I had actually gotten them to a good length and shape that I liked now I'm starting over again.  :::sigh:::