Sunday, May 20, 2012

Water Decals~KKcenterHK Review

Hey y'all!   Today I have another product review from KKcenterHK.  This time they sent me a few sets of water decals to try. 

This was my first time using water decals.  These are by the brand ANE Nails (I'm still not sure that's not a B instead of an E, we'll go with E since its on the item number sticker in the corner) There is a little bit more to it than other decals I've used but I actually thought it was fun putting them on.  It did take me a few tries to realize what you actually do to get them on good and adhered but once I looked at a few youtube tutorials it made total sense.   

  These are the directions on the back of the package.  

I couldn't get them to stick very well until I got a tip from a video to take a paper towel and use it to press it on your nail.  It dried up the excess water and that seemed to really help keep it in place.  Applying  the clear top coat is VERY important.  Doing that helps adhere the decal to your nail and it helps smooth it out too.  The polish really molds it to your nail.  I used Seche Vite as my top coat. 

This is called Cashew Pattern.  It can be found HERE

This is called Twisted Colorful and can be found HERE.  

While the application was nice and fairly uncomplicated I wasn't very happy once I actually had them on.  They are on a white backing in the package so they appear to be very opaque and bright but on the nail they are pretty dull in coloring and kind of transparent.  Once they were on the nail you could see they look pixelated, it's just not a very crisp print. Using a white base coat may help the opaqueness but you really don't expect to have to use anything like that when using a full nail decal like these.  Another bad thing about this is the wear time.  The packaging says Up to 7 days wear but I barely got 24 hours out them.  I lost several in my first shower after doing them,  then a few were just barely hanging on by the time I got done.  It's really unfortunate because they do have some really cute designs in their full nail decal line.  

KkcenterHK has a bunch of other small nail decals that aren't full decals, including:  Hello Kitty and Barbie, and TONS more designs.  They also have a wide variety of polishes, stamping plates (which I have reviewed HERE and loved), striping tape, and other nail decor. 

These products were sent to me in return for my review and honest opinion.