Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Holo Hump Day

Another group challenge, this time it's HOLO.  I chose Milani HD with dots using Elemental Styles Actin-ium My Age.  This was the first time I ever wore the HD and holy crap it's gorgeous.  I really need more holo's in my life.

The only thing I don't like about holo's is that they are pretty drab when you're not in the sun.  But OMG, when you are in the sun they are so gorgeous.

Be sure to check out the other ladies that are participating in Holo Hump Day.  XOXO


  1. I love all of these group challenges you do! I think you have the best ideas when it comes to these topics! And this holo is gorgeous!

  2. wow this really is completely stunning!

  3. I love holo stuff! My fave kind of polish!


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