Friday, July 13, 2012

Born Pretty Store Nail Art Striping Tape Review

Hello!  Today I have the Born Pretty Store's Nail Art Striping Tape to review for you guys.  This is my first set of striping tape so I was super excited to get to try them out. 

I got the 12 Color Line Nail Art Striping Tape Design Lines set, you can view it HERE among tons of other nail art supplies. 

This is the whole set in their individual packaging sleeves.

This is a strip of each individual tape to show you the colors a little better, there's a white one on the right but you can't see it on the paper too well. The blue and one of the pinks has a glittery sheen to it, they're very pretty.  

They are very thin, which is perfect for striping nail art.  

I used 5 different colors and did a rainbow stripe design. 

I stuck one end where I wanted it on my nail and kept it on the roll until I  rolled enough out and cut it straight from the roll  onto the nail. I tried cutting the piece off and putting it on my nail but that way just wasn't working right for me.  I had more control over where the tape went if I kept it on the roll while I was getting it in place. 

I was really pleased with how easy it was use this striping tape, I can't wait to do more designs with it.  It's a good price too, the whole set is $8.99 and FREE SHIPPING for anywhere in the world.   They have tons of great deals on nail art supplies, polish, nail care supplies, make up and lots of other products as well.  They even have a section with nothing but Hello Kitty merchandise!!!!!

They were nice enough to give me a 7% off coupon to share with my readers too.  Be sure to check out Born Pretty Store.


This product was sent to me for review for my honest opinion.