Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Tutorial Tuesday

Howdy!  Today I'm doing a challenge with some friends and our theme was "Tutorial Tuesday".  Our challenge was to pick a tutorial and make it happen.  I chose a tutorial by Colette from My Simple Little Pleasures.  She is pretty much THE QUEEN of water marbling.  Seriously, everything I've learned about water marbling, I learned it from her.  She's the bomb.com.

She has over 70 water marble video tutorials on youtube, you can check out her youtube channel HERE.  The tutorial I used for today's mani is the Blue & Green Star Water Marble Tutorial.  I used two blues instead of a green.  The polishes I used are China Glaze Blue Years Eve and Electric Beat.  If you check out Colette's video or blog, you can see that she has long beautiful nails and the star design went on perfectly. Mine...not so much.  I came close on my thumb, but my nails just weren't long enough.  And the other nails just weren't happening for me at all. lol.  They came out pretty cool, they just don't resemble stars even a little bit. 

I'm giving myself an A for effort though.  ;)  My first try was actually for a water marble heart design tutorial she has, HERE.  I failed horribly.  I didn't even get to the point where I liked my marble to put on my nails.  It just wasn't working for me.  But I WILL get it though eventually!!!!!

Thanks for stopping by today.  Be sure to check the other awesome participants of Tutorial Tuesday. XOXO