Friday, August 10, 2012

Pink and Black Stripes

Hey y'all!  Sorry I haven't been very active this week.  Hopefully I can get back in the swing of things next week.  Today I have a manicure that I had stored away in the "vault" for days such as today. 

China Glaze Pink Voltage and Sinful Colors Black on Black.  I used *Born Pretty Store striping tape to get clean stripes with black on black.  As you can see though, my camera HATES neon pinks, it makes me sad.

I started to put a top coat on it but I loved the matteness of the pink and the shininess of the black.  I thought it was a pretty contrast. 

Thanks for stopping by, I hope you enjoy your weekend! XOXO

*This product was sent to be for review.


  1. Love this, makes me want to do a stiping mani again, just gotta find my tape xo

  2. Placing that much tape seems like a lot of work but the end result is so pretty!

  3. I love this! :) The colors look awesome together with the stripes.

  4. I have been wanting to do this for so long now, but it seems so time consuming! Haven't found a moment to sit down and dedicate!


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