Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Are You Ready For Some Football?

Hey y'all!  Do you know what today is???  Tonight is the beginning of the the NFL season.  And do you know what that means?  It means this Sunday is going to be my first Sunday Football mani of the season.  Last year I did a different NFL team mani every Sunday through the entire season and I am going to be doing that again this year.  I am really excited to start this series again.  If you are interested in seeing my football series from last year, you can view them HERE

I plan on filling this year's series with teams that I didn't get to do last year with a few of my favorites teams too.  But my team mani's won't start until this Sunday.  Today's mani is just a pre-football series mani, to get myself ready.  :)  I'm really excited to get started again and I hope you guys are too.   

So...are YOU ready for some football?  What's your favorite team?  I'm a Saints fan but I like the Cowboys too.  I really hope y'all enjoy my series again this year, I got a lot of positive feedback last year and I was really proud that I actually stuck to it till the end of the season.  It was a lot of fun.

Thanks for stopping today!  XOXO