Monday, September 3, 2012

Neon Rainbow Gradient Nails

Hey y'all!  Happy Labor Day!  Hope you have the day off and get the relax!  Since I don't actually work, it's really not anything special for me.  I'm still going to have to do laundry and wash dishes and keep my kids clean and fed and alive lol.

I did get a little kid free night this past Saturday though.  It was a friend of mine's birthday and she had a "Neon Saturday Night" party theme.  Everyone was supposed to wear their favorite neon colors.  I went to Michaels craft store and got the materials to make a super cute neon leopard print shirt and naturally I had some super cute neon nails as accessories.

I toiled over a few ideas, one being a neon splatter but my splatter was not happening.  It just looked like I blew neon snot on my nails.  That's not pretty!  So I decided on a neon rainbow gradient topped with All that Glitter's Spotty Dotty Black.  My colors are China Glaze Pink Voltage, Nikka K Yellow,   Spoiled Permission to Proceed, China Glaze Sexy in the City and Ruby Kisses Look at Me Purple.  I also put on a coat of China Glaze Fairy Dust before I put on Spotty Dotty.  

  I just got Spotty Dotty a few weeks ago and this was my first time using it.  It's so cool, I love it! 

Are you getting tired of neons yet?  They have been "the thing" this spring and summer.  I'm really ready for some dark vampy fall colors! 


  1. This is awesome! While I was obsessed with neons all summer long, I agree, I'm ready for some dark and vampy colors!

  2. Why oh why are you amazing!!!! This is so great.

  3. I love your mani! I am also ready for the dark and vampy colors too. You are just incredible :)

  4. Seeing this mani of yours makes me so not tired of neons. Well done!

    1. LOL Thanks Dema! I do tend to gravitate to the neons so I'm sure I won't put them away for long lol.

  5. Holy spankmeisters! So AWESOME! Tutorial! Tutorial!!


  6. awesome manicure!

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  7. These are absolutely wonderful! I love all of your designs!

  8. I love the neons! But I am also looking forward to the dark fall colors. My obsession just started this summer so I have tons of new polishes I have yet to try because of their darkness. Love your blog! Please come by and see mine if you have time. Thanks!


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