Thursday, October 4, 2012

Grotesque Halloween Nail Art

Hey y'all!  Now that it's finally October it's time to bust out the Halloween nail art...YAY!!!!  I love Halloween and I love fall and I LOVE all of the fall polishes.  I have a lot of cool nail art planned for the rest of the month and I hope it gets you in the festive mood. 

For my first Halloween nail art of the season I have a pretty gross design.  I can't take any credit for it (nor do I really want to haha)  Over the weekend I was sketching out some Halloween nail art ideas and my husband decided he wanted to get in on the action.  This is totally a boy's design lol  It's gory and gross and pretty awesome lol.  Mr Amber is very very happy that I FINALLY took one of his nail art ideas and actually did it.  But like I said, this one is gross and it may not be the faint of heart or the easily icked out.  You've been warned ;)

Yeap, that's two bloody eyeballs on a big nail.  Only a boy could come up with this...seriously!  lol

My base color is China Glaze Gaga for Green with a coat of Spoiled Show Me the Money.  The nail is Essie No place like chrome and accents of Sinful Colors Secret Admirer.  The eye balls are Pure Ice white and a lot of random colors that I can't remember.  The blood is Sally Hansen Red's a pretty awesome blood color for sure.  You'll be seeing it a few times through out the Halloween season but I promise they won't all be gross and gory lol.

I do have a few more drawings done by my husband that I will probably use, they aren't ALL morbid.  This is his eye ball sketch.  I normally just sketch mine out real fast with a pencil but he broke out the Crayola markers and everything. 

So...what do you think of his idea?  Too much or is it okay since it's for Halloween?

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  1. Way to go Mr. Amber, and kudos to you Am, for making his Halloween Dreams come true! =)

    1. There's only a hand full of people that call me Am so I know this has got to be a family or friend lol.

  2. Haha! This is awesome, well done Mr Amber! Just the right amounts of gross for Halloween I'd say :)

  3. Great the gory eyeballs. I think it is perfect for Halloween. I can't wait to see more of your designs ;)

  4. Oh man! This literally gave me chill bumps haha. I'm so weird about eyeballs especially in relation to touching/sharp things near them... definitely an awesome Halloween design though and I LOVE that your husband did that intricate colored drawing of the design! I'm gonna tell my boy he needs to step his game up.

  5. That's so creepy, but so cool! I can't wait to see what else you have planned :)

  6. Of course I saw your caution banner warning of grotesque art and I HAD to click it! And you did not disappoint, it wasn't too gross (for me) and the concept is original. I 'm so glad I clicked!

    This is so great! And the fact that you are now a muse for your man is such a beautiful thing!

    Whitney, you made me LOL, and you have a point, my man could do something like this if he tried!

  7. This is soo funny! I love how your man got all into the design of this mani!

  8. I like it! The base you used is perfect :]

  9. This looks so awesome! The base is amazing too, love the green with the sparse glitter on top. Creepy!

  10. LOL, these made me giggle, I was a little scared scrolling down, though!! So creepyingly good!!

  11. Gross! Lol jk! They are perfect for Halloween!

  12. I think it's hilarious and gross and awesome :D also, I think I like your husband!


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