Thursday, November 1, 2012

OPI Last Friday Night + Pure Ice French Kiss

Hey y'all!  How is your Halloween hangover?  I'm pretty sure my kids are on a sugar high today lol.  I feel sorry for the teachers today, they probably have their hands full. 

I'm glad Halloween is over, I was starting to lose my mojo for Halloween nails.  We're in a new month now so how about a little anti-Halloween pallet cleanser?  This is Pure Ice French Kiss and OPI Last Friday Night. 

I just got Last Friday Night a few weeks ago and I love it layered over French Kiss.  I heart blue! 


  1. I love blue too!

    Really nice shade, it looks great on you. It's good to have a bit of blue after the autumnal colors overload that Halloween brings.

  2. I love Last Friday Night, I need to revisit it soon!

  3. Beyond gorgeous! Your nails are standing out lately among the crowd.

  4. that's the same combo i use!! isn't it gorgeous!?

  5. No joke, I was JUST thinking of wearing these exact two polishes together, LOL. Great swatches darling!

  6. I love this!! I wish I picked up Teenage Dream & Last Friday Night when they first came out. I regret not buying them.


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