Monday, November 12, 2012

Thankful Bloggers Guest Post Series ~ Chalkboard Nails

 Hey y'all!  Today I have another edition of my "Thankful Bloggers Guest Post Series" to share with you.  Guest posting today is the lovely and extremely talented, Sarah of Chalkboard Nails.  Sarah is one of my biggest inspirations, her nail art creations are always out standing and her blog in general is just amazing.  I've learned a lot from her over the last year or so and I am so thankful to have gotten to know her a little too.   

Sarah, thank you so much for being a part of this series and sharing with me and my readers today.  ~Amber

Hello Amber Did It readers! I am so pleased to be guest posting today on Amber's lovely blog. She is such a talented artist and I really respect her work so much!

I went into this manicure with no real expectations... just a general idea of what I wanted to do. I began with a base of OPI Alpine Snow, and then added gradient tips in China Glaze I'm With the Lifeguard. I only did a few layers of sponging, which made the green a little more subdued than it would have been normally. Then, using a medium length striper nail art brush and American Apparel Hassid, I painted on some abstract geometric shapes. I tried to make them to fit together somewhat nicely, almost like a puzzle! I showed my roommate the pattern, and she said it looked like lightning shards. I totally love that name for this manicure!

In addition to inviting me to participate in her guest post series, Amber asked me to write a bit about what I'm thankful for. I have so much to be thankful for that I could go on and on about it for days, but for now I want to talk about my boyfriend Sean. We have been together for quite a few years, and every day I am thankful for his patience and understanding when it comes to dealing with me. I have had some difficult struggles throughout the course of our relationship, and he has been so supportive and loving. He is truly such an important part of my life and I love him so much.

Thank you for reading, and thank you Amber for inviting me to post on your blog!