Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Christmas Gradient with Kleancolor Metallics

Hey y'all!  Today I have some more Christmasy nails to share.  My daughter's school is having their Christmas program tonight so I thought I needed something festive to wear.  We didn't have time to do her's before she went to bed so I'm hoping we'll have time after school today.  She needs some Christmas nails too :).

I originally was trying to do the gradient at an angle and it really wasn't working for me so I had to straighten it up.  I really like it though, I think it turned out nice.

Polishes Used:
Kleancolor White
Kleancolor Metallic White
Kleancolor Metallic Red
Kleancolor Metallic Green
Rush Topcoat

Wanna hear something cool about today's post?  This post is my 400th post on my blog.  Thanks for stopping by today and thanks for all of your support, it really means a lot to me that you take time out of your day to read my blog and comment.  Thanks so much!  Have a great day! XOXO