Thursday, January 17, 2013

Pure Ice My City Entry

Hey y'all!  I am super excited about this post today.  Pure Ice is having a nail art contest with the theme "My City".  We were supposed to create a mani inspired about something you love about your city.  I went back and forth about what I wanted to do and decided on something that I really do love.  Mardi Gras!!!

I live in Shreveport, LA.  While New Orleans is usually the town people think of when they think "Mardi Gras", I assure you, Shreveport does it just as big.  The Shreveport and Bossier City area has several awesome Mardi Gras Krewes that put on awesome parades and other very extravagant events.  A "krewe" is a group of people who get together and put on these events.  We have several big krewes here but the two biggest are the Krewe of Gemini and the Krewe of Centaur

Both Gemini and Centaur put on parades the weekends leading up to Mardi Gras, AKA Fat Tuesday.  They have huge elaborate floats and wear amazing costumes and throw tons of beads, cups, doubloons and other little toys and things. I even caught a thong one time lol.  I love going to the parades every year.  One thing I love about Mardi Gras here as opposed to in NOLA is that it is family friendly.  There are designated family and alcohol free areas along the parades route and then there's the more fun areas lol.  I like going to the fun areas myself but usually we're in the family area.  Daiquiris and Mardi Gras just go hand in hand, just sayin'. ;)  It is nice that the kids get a chance to have fun and enjoy it though. 

For my Pure Ice My City entry, I chose to represent the Krewe of Centaur.  They are one of the 
largest Krewes in Louisiana and that includes New Orleans.   This year their theme is "Festivals Around the World" and I am sure they are going to put on an amazing parade as usual.  I can't wait to see all the floats.

My thumb and index are inspired by the Krewe of Centaur logo.

My ring finger represents another Mardi Gras favorite, KING CAKE!!!!  The "sprinkles" are actually a few Pure Ice glitters, Twinkle, The Family Jewels, & Turn It Up. It ain't Mardi Gras without a piece of King Cake from Julie Anne's Bakery.  They have all kinds of different flavors too. My favorite is cinnamon with cream cheese filling, GAH, it's SO good.  I could eat a whole cake by myself lol.  

I was really excited to do this for the Pure Ice contest.  It was a lot of fun to do and it's been cool seeing all of the different manis about where everyone is from. 

I really hope y'all liked hearing a little something about my area as well.  Thanks for stopping by today.  XOXO 

ETA:  Contest winners were announced on Friday and I wasn't one of them :(.  It's okay though, the winners were all amazing and totally deserved their winnings.  You can check out the winners on the Pure Ice Facebook Page.