Sunday, February 24, 2013

Winnie The Pooh Nail Art and School stuff!

Hey y'all!  Hello to all of the new followers!  I know I'm not not posting as much as I used to but I still hope you are enjoying my blog.  School has kept me pretty busy.  Yesterday was actually my first working on real clients.  It was crazy busy yesterday.  I ended up with two clients, both each had a manicure and a pedicure.  I had a lot of fun, I really think I'm going to love this job.  It actually surprises me just how much I enjoy it. 

I haven't had a whole lot of time to do much "real" freehand nail art lately but this week I did actually use my free time in school to do a little something.  While I love love love doing nails, nail art will always be my first passion and it was fun to get these done. 

Cute huh?  I really don't know how much of this type of nail art that clients will actually want but if they want it at least I know I can offer it.  lol  I just realized that I missed something on Piglet, he's missing the stripes on his body, I knew he looked like he was missing something but I couldn't figure it out.  oppsie! 

Like I was saying before, yesterday was my first day to work on paying clients.  Both of the clients I had wanted french manicures using the OPI Gel polishes.  This is one of the manis I did. 

I know it looks like a couple of her nails were rounded but it's just the angle I took the pic, I swear I didn't butcher her beautiful nails lol.  She really did have gorgeous nails, they were so long and strong, totally jealous! 

I am actually wearing a gel polish french manicure right now too.  If you remember from my Valentine's Day post, I had acrylics on but I soaked those off and am now back to my natural nails.  If you do acrylics the right way and take them off the right way, your natural is actually still in healthy condition.  You wouldn't even know I had them on, so yay for that!  Back in the day when I got acrylics regularly I remember my nails being completely butchered and taking forever to get back to normal.  If I'd only known then what I know now.  haha 

Anyhoo, I know a lot of people hate feet pics so if you're interested, you can also see her super cute gradient pedicure I did HERE in my Nail Art Gallery.  I think she left a very happy customer and hopefully will be back :) 

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