Sunday, March 10, 2013


Hey y'all!  This past week was kind of hectic for me.  I missed a few days of school because my son had surgery on Wednesday.  He had his tonsils and adenoids removed. :(  He's doing pretty good though, he's a tough boy! 

I got back to school on Friday after missing 2 1/2 days.  I went for a few hours on Thursday just long enough to take my test.  Which I made a 98% on woohoo!  This week's lesson was on nail art.  The one question I missed was about the freaking color wheel. Damn it!!! :/  I only missed the one question though so I'm all that upset lol. 

On Saturday I had a really sweet lady come in to see me.  She came in because she heard about my nail art skills from one of her co-workers and wanted me to do Mickey Mouse nail art for her.  I was really excited to do this too because it was really the first real nail art I've gotten to do on a client AND she came just for ME to do it.  She is a huge Mickey fan, if you can't tell by her ring. 

I'm starting to get the hang of working on clients and all that. It is kind of nerve wracking sometimes though.  I worry a lot about hurting the clients, especially when I'm working on their cuticles.  I still don't have my kit yet, I still have a few more weeks but I went ahead and bought a few implements so I would already have a set.  I bought a pair of OPI cuticle nippers that are pretty awesome.  I had never used nippers before school.  Let me tell ya, there is a serious fine line sometimes between cuticle and living skin.  o.O  Thankfully I've never drawn blood but I've heard a few "ouches".  Like I said, nerve wracking! 

I've been going to school for a month now and so far so good.  Yay!  I'm really going to try to start posting more.  Obviously I do a lot of nails but I just forget to take pics.  I don't do my own nails as much I used to though.  Honestly, spending 7 hours a day at school doing nails and talking about nails, it just doesn't leave me wanting to do much to my own when I get home.   

Anyhoo, there's less than a week left to enter my giveaway.  If you haven't already, you can enter HERE.  Thanks for stopping by! XOXO