Monday, April 1, 2013

OPI Can't Let Go and Get Your Number

Hey, hey, hey!  I can't believe I haven't posted since March 17th.  I'm such a slacker lately, I know. Actually, I'm really just a blogging slacker, I've been pretty busy.   Last week I was on spring break and we took a family vacation to the beach for 6 days.  We had a great vacation, it was awesome to get away from real life and just relax.  My kids had never been to the ocean before and the LOVED every minute of it.  It was only like 65 degrees the whole time we were there but it was sunny and we still played in the water.  I even came home with a nice red sunburn. o.O  How I can be adamant about putting sunscreen on my kids and not remember to put it on MYSELF I'll never know.  I guarantee I won't forget again.  It's been about a week since I got burned and I still can't wear a bra with straps haha. We still had a lot of fun even though I was pretty miserable the last couple of days.  It was so much fun seeing my kids play in the sand and the ocean.  We will definitely be making a trip to the beach again when we can.

This week it's back to reality.   I'm almost half way through my nail course and I'm already starting to get a couple of job prospects that I'm super excited about.  Louisiana is different than a lot of states, they don't require any kind of apprenticeship, you can go straight into the workforce once you get your license.  But we are required more hours than those states that require an apprenticeship, we pretty much get that training in school instead of a salon. I should be done mid-July and take my state boards late July or early August.  It's so nerve wracking but so exciting!

Anyhoo, in the spirit of my vacation I thought today I'd show you some OPI liquid sands that I got a few weeks ago.  These were my first purchase from Armstrong McCalls.  Being a student (and licensed shortly) definitely has it's perks as far discounts go.  Knowing I'll never pay $9 to $12 again for OPI makes me giddy.   lol

This is OPI Can't Let Go paired with Get Your Number. 

I was really surprised by how much I liked these textured polishes.  I have not been impressed by swatches online and thought I wouldn't like the texture on but I was wrong.  I LOVE it!  What do you think about Liquid Sands and other textured polishes like this? 

P.S.  I also finally got my big OPI Nail Tech kit at school last week.  I have been thinking about doing a video showing all the goodies I got would that be something you would interested in seeing?