Thursday, April 4, 2013

Wedding Nails using OPI Gel Polish

Hey y'all!  My title was probably a little misleading, these are not MY wedding nails haha.  They are done on my nails but not for my wedding.  I've been married for about 13 years but if I were getting married I would love these to be my wedding nails.  These beauties were done by one of my sweet classmates, Kandie.  She is very talented and I love when she does my nails for me.  This french mani was done using OPI gel Alpine snow. 

I am seriously loving the gel polishes.  Don't get me wrong, we know I love my regular polish but in this job gel is going to be my bff!  Working on other people's hands makes it hard to keep a nice polish on myself so gel is perfect.  And I love how elegant and sweet this french manicure is, she did a great job, don't you think?