Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Nails Magazine Mini Masterpiece Contest Entry

Hey y'all!  I have something SO exciting to share with you today.  A few months ago Nails Magazine was having a nail art contest to replicate a well known painting on one nail.  I entered with one of my favorite Blue Dog paintings by George Rodrigue.

I got a call a few weeks ago from a lady from Nails mag letting me know that I was a runner up and I would be in the print magazine.  Ahhhh!  I'm sure she thought I was a total lunatic because I was SO excited lol.  Actually, excited is an understatement.  I may not have actually won the contest but
just the fact that my name and my nails are in an actual magazine is the most awesome thing ever to me.

They sent me a framed cover of the magazine with my excerpt and an engraved plaque with my name and everything on it.  It's pretty awesome! 

This was the entry I sent in, it's "My Baby Made a Clown of Me (Big Top Dog)" by George Rodrigue.

The winners were announced in the August 2013 edition. Could this cover be any more bad ass?  It's so cool!  

Here's the page I'm on!  It's so cool to see my name in there, it's just awesome! 

 This is by far the coolest thing that's happened to me so far.  What a way to start my career!  This just makes it so much more exciting for me.  I LOVE THIS JOB!!!!!!