Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Geaux Tigers! LSU Nail Art

Hey y'all!  Today I have some more LSU nail art to share.  I did tiger nails last year too, you can check them out HERE.  That set was probably one of my most favorite designs but I do love the new one.  I did these for LSU day at work.  We all wore LSU shirts for their first game of the season.  My nails were a big hit with my coworkers and clients.

This was the tiger that inspired my tiger nail.  I'm pretty happy with how it turned out.  Several people thought it was a decal lol.  That's always a nice little ego boost, I'm just sayin' lol.  

I was going to do more of a tutorial but this is how far I got.  I forgot to take more pictures once I got in nail art mode lol. 

Here is one of my client's nails that went to the big game too.

Do you watch college football?  Who's your team?  I'm not much of a college fan but if I had to pick I would say LSU is my team lol.

Thanks for stopping by.  XOXO