Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Sensationail Gel Polish System Review and Swatches

Press Sample

Today I have a gel polish review for you from Sensationail by nailene.  I recieved a Sensationail Starter Kit and an additional gel polish.  

The starter kit includes the Pro 3060 LED Lamp, gel cleanser, gel primer, Raspberry Wine Gel Polish, Gel Base/Top Coat, an orange wood stick, nail file and a package of lint-free wipes. 
The instructions for use are very simple and easy to follow.  First you file and buff the nail, then you use the lint-free wipe and the gel cleanser to wipe the nails clean, then you apply a layer of primer and let that dry.  Once the primer is dry you apply a thin layer of the base/top coat and cure for 30 seconds.  After that you applying a thin layer of the color polish and cure that for 60 seconds.  When that is done you apply another layer of base/top coat and cure for another 30 seconds.  After that cures you take the wipe and use the gel cleanser again to wipe the moisture layer off (the sticky layer).  And voila, you have beautiful, shiny, and DRY nails.

The LED light is really great.   I've used several expensive professional brand lights and the Sensationail light is right up there with them, and a lot less expensive I might add.  It is only big enough to do one hand at a time but it's the perfect size to stay sitting on my nail table.

When you press the white button the light comes on.  At 30 seconds it makes a beeping sound and then at 60 seconds it cuts completely off.  
(When I was actually curing I put all 5 fingers in the lamp.  I took this picture afterward for blogging purposes and for some reason I didn't put my thumb in, oppsie. lol)

Here is a swatch of the Sensationail gel polish that came in the starter kit.  This is Raspberry Wine.  It's a gorgeous fuchsia with a really pretty sparkle.

Like I said above, I also received an extra color gel polish.  This is Going For the Rose Gold from the limited edition Liquid Metals Collection.

Metallics are HOT for the fall and this one is to die for.  It is gold with a slight pink tint to it and the metallic-ness is awesome.  I wore this one for a week without any chipping or peeling.  Being a nail tech, I wash my hands and work with acetone A LOT so I can honestly say the wear time with this is fantastic. 

This is definitely a brand that can recommend to anyone that wants gel polish without the salon prices.  It's easy to do on your own and inexpensive compared to the professional brands.  You can get Sensationail at Wal-Mart,  CVS, Walgreens, Target, and drugstore.com.  The starter kit runs around $50 and the single color polishes are about $10. 

You can check out more about Sensationail on their Facebook Page and Website.  

The products in this post were sent by a company representative in return for my honest and unbiased review.