Friday, November 1, 2013

Halloween Hangover~How I wore my make up and nails.

Okay, I really don't have a hangover but I'm sure there are plenty of people that have a candy hangover...or maybe just a plain old grown up hangover.  No judgements from me either way ;).  Halloween is over though but I thought I'd share what we wore.

At work were allowed to dress up and we all had a lot of fun.  I decided to do sugar skull make up and I loved, loved, loved it. 

My design was loosely based on THIS design.  I changed a few things but that's pretty much what I went off of.  The white is cake make up from the Spirit Halloween store and the rest is just regular old make up I already had.  I used liquid eyeliner, pencil eyeliner and different eye shadows.  The Blue and Purple are both Colormates Eyeshadows.  They have super bright pigmentation and it stayed on from about 7 in the morning until I took it off about 10pm.  Not bad for some $5 eyeshadow huh? 

And of course I did my nails too.  I wanted to match that teal shadow as much as possible and I think Orly Sweet Peacock was the perfect choice.  It's also my favorite polish EVER. The art was done using various acrylic paints.

And a completely gratuitous photo of my daughter.  I did her make up also, she was a kitty cat. :)  I used THIS tutorial for her make up.

Thanks for stopping by today.  Happy November!  XOXO