Monday, September 12, 2011

Sunday Football Series #1~ Dallas Cowboys

I'm a day late on this, I meant to post it yesterday but I never got around to it. In honor of the new season of NFL football and my hubby's favorite team I did a Dallas Cowboys mani. When I showed him his exact words were "That's what I'm talkin' bout!" lol Dork!



I used Silver Mercedes by Pure Ice, NYC Skin Tight Denim and French White tip. I took the pic this morning and it's almost chipped on the tips some :(. And holy crap I had quite the time getting that star even remotely decent, i spent about 45 minutes on that ONE NAIL. Painting it and repainting it, it was redonkulous and it still isn't perfect. lol I was given several good tips though for next time :)

I got several compliments today on my Cowboy mani, the hubby was quite proud lol. I have a plan to do a new team mani every Sunday through the season. Next week will be my favorite team so stay tuned :).