Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Black on Black Crackle~Nail FAIL

Hello!  I'm kind of going through a little bit of a slump the week or so.  Not even colorful nails are doing the trick to bring me out of my funk.  As much as I love my hobby, sometimes real life just gets to me.  It happens! 
Anyhoo, don't mean to bring everybody else down too.  How about some nail talk?  Oh, I have one more Debbie Downer....I'm back to nubbin's !@#$!#$%@#$%   I had just gotten them all back to a decent length and I go and break one. FML!

I am still on the fence about my nails today.  This was something I just thought of and did on a whim.  Black on black crackle.  I really don't know if I like it or not.  I think it looks more like a really messy paint job that got messed up but some people might like it.

There is no top coat on this.  The base is Wet and Wild Black Creme and the crackle is Sally Hansen Crackle "Ink Splatter".

So, what do you think about this crackle combo?  Part of me thinks it's cool to see the shiny black through the cracks of the matte crackle but the other part of me can't wait to take it off lol.  After wearing it a few hours the crackle seemed to get shiny and it just looked like a really screwed up paint job.  Like I just took it and scratched it all up before it dried.  Growdy to the max.  I am going to go ahead and count this as a nail fail.  2 thumbs down! Ahh, they can't all be winners. 



  1. It's not a fail, it's an experiment! I like the idea... I have always done contrasting colours when using crackle, so now I want to play around more with this idea. Thanks for the inspiration :)

  2. I think it's a good idea!!! I'm wondering if you would like it more with topcoat on it???

  3. I kinda like it. Its definitely different!

  4. A very unique mani. Great color on color combo. I would love to see it with a topcoat.

  5. have you had trouble with the sally hansen nail crackle? I have had mine for a few months and have only used it once because it has gone extremely funky, won't crackle at all :-S

    1. It seems like every crackle I own after a while gets really thick. I add a few drops of Polish thinner and it's as good as new. i think it's just something with the formula of crackles that makes me dry up quicker than normal polishes.

  6. makes the polish dry up quicker, not me haha


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