Thursday, May 17, 2012

Fun and bright french tips

Hey y'all!  Hope your Thursday has treated you well so far :)  I got to spend a little time with my Mom and my Aunt Tammy today while my little chickens were at school so that was nice. 

I have been trying to stay ahead on my blog and have several days posts scheduled in advance but I've been a slacker.  I do have a ton of pics waiting to be edited but like I said...slacker..  Or lazy, whatever you wanna call it ;)! instead of going through my stock pile I thought I'd just show you my nails for today.  I had planned on stamping on them but that didn't happen, more of that slacker stuff going on.  lol.  I do actually like them just the way they are though so it's all good. 

This is China Glaze "Fuchsia Fanatic" with Pure Ice "French Kiss".  I am completely and totally in love with "French Kiss" right now, it's a gorgeous blue creme.  It makes my heart sing a happy little tune.  I really love the Pure Ice polishes, they dry fast and have a great formula and you can't beat $1.97 a bottle.  I need to get more of them in my life.  

Well, hope you enjoyed my mani of the day.  I think I'm about to take it off and do something else with French Kiss.  The name alone has me quite inspired ;).  TTFN and XOXO!