Friday, May 4, 2012

May the 4th Be with you

Happy Star Wars Day!  Are you ready to geek out with me?  Today I am going to share what may be my most favorite nail art I've ever done.  The force is definitely strong with this one.

I am SO proud of this mani.  Luke Skywalker does resemble Justin Bieber though haha. I'm not the greatest at faces.  I have never been able to paint or draw someone and it actually resemble them lol. Just ask my Mom, she still proudly displaces a picture I drew of VERY closely resembles Yoda ironically. lmao

My husband is mad at me because I didn't do Darth Vader so I guess I'll be doing another Star Wars mani soon lol.  Here is my band of characters, all the good guys!  :) 

Here is my back ground too.  I used NYC Skin tight Denim as my base, then I sponged on OPI Ink, Sally Hansen DVD, and Wet and Wild Grey's Anatomy.  I think it kind of looks like the galaxy nails.

So, are you going to be celebrating Star Wars day??????