Thursday, May 3, 2012

Pure Ice~Vinyl Remix~Swatches and Review

Hey y'all!  I am excited to share with y'all a new product that I got to review from Bari Cosmetics.  The new Pure Ice collection "Vinyl Remix".  It's pretty cool.  At first I thought it was going to be just another crackle collection but they put a new twist on it. 

They come in sets of two, you get a color and the Platiunum Base Coat plus a cute little bonus nail file

These are "Rave" and "Emcee Me"

And this is "DJ Spinner" and "Vintage Remix".  

ETA:  These are all with a top coat, the polishes are actually matte when applied without a top coat. 

What is special about the Vinyl Remix collection is what happens when you put it on.  In the bottle, as you can see, they are all black.  BUT when you put it over of the "Platinum Magic Base Coat" that's when the magic happens.  It turns the base into the color and the crackle stays black.  The colors get brighter and more vibrant as they dry too. 

I really think it's a cool and innovative way to put a spin on the old crackle polishes.  It was really easy to do and it's fun to watch it all happen.  The application is fantastic, these are really good quality polishes.  I have my suspicions that the Platinum Magic Base Coat is actually just a white polish, but I don't know that for sure.  I played with the Remixes over some other polishes and it had the same effect so I'm just not sure there's anything "special" about the magic base coat.  It looks especially cool over silver glitter polish, just an FYI  ;) ! 

There are a lot of different ways to use these to get different designs too. 

This collection is going to be out sometime in May at Wal-Mart so be on the look out.  There is also a Blue and Pink in the collection.  I definitely will be needing those now lol. 

 You can check out more pics of the Vinyl Remix collection on the Bari Cosmetics Facebook Page or the Pure Ice Website HERE

These were sent to be for review for my honest and unbiased opinion.