Friday, June 22, 2012

Brave Nails

Me and my daughter are really excited to go see Brave.  It's all she's talked about for the last month or so.  It comes out in theaters today so thought I'd do some Brave nail art. 

The main character's name is Merida and she is a feisty little red head that's trying to make her own path in life.  It looks like a really cute movie and Merida is adorable with her fiery red curly locks.  She is also the focus of today's nail art.

Merida is done using all acrylic paints and the background is Sinful Colors Exotic Green stamped with Konad plate m60 using NYC Black Creme and Color Club Antiquated.  I love my background! 


 I really hope you enjoyed my post today and I hope you enjoy the movie if you go this weekend.  Have a great weekend! XOXO


  1. this is one of my favorites so far. i LOVE character nails but especially this one bc its so specific and awesome looking!

  2. This mani is Awesome! Your plaid looks perfect!

    1. That's because she's a cheater..... It's a stamping image;)

    2. Yes it was stamped, I didn't say it wasn't. I didn't know that was cheating though ;)

  3. I was just wondering how to put together some brave nails, and you did them! These are so cute!

  4. HAaha that's so cute! You did an amazing job!! I love it.



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