Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Summer Fun Challenge~Day 7~Summer Stylin'

Hey y'all!  Today is Day 7 of Neverland Nail blog's Summer Fun Challenge, today's theme is Summer Stylin'.

My inspiration for today's theme is my bathing suit.  I hope you're not expecting a photo of me in said bathing suit because it ain't happenin'. Hopefully a description will suffice. lol It's a black tankini that I got from Target last year.  It has a deep V-cut in the front with a cute ruffle outlining the V and the ruffle is trimmed in sparkly gold thread.  It's all black aside from the gold trim on the ruffle.  It's really cute and I feel pretty in it and it makes my boobs look spectacular...you can ask my husband, he agrees. haha 

So, here are my bathing suit inspired nails :)

The black is Sinful Colors Black on Black (which is my new favorite black, it's awesome) and the gold gradient is done with NYX Buzz Worthy. 

This challenge is dwindling down, only one more day to go.  I'm really glad I decided to join this, it's been fun.  Thanks for stopping by today, let me know what you think.  :)  XOXO