Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Hello Kitty Acrylic sculptured nail art

Hey y'all!  Today I wanted to share some super cute Hello Kitty acrylic sculptured nail art I did.   These designs were inspired by a photo I saw in the November 2012 edition of NailPro Magazine.

I am really proud of how these came out.  This was my first attempt at sculpted anything besides bows and flowers.  Luckily Hello Kitty isn't really too complicated as far as shapes go.  They were done using white, blue, and red acrylic and I painted the eyes and nose with craft paint.  I made the big blue bow on a piece of wax paper and glued it on later but everything else was sculpted right on the nail. I love it!!!! . 

This probably isn't something I'd ever wear but it was a lot of fun to create.