Sunday, May 26, 2013

Just a bunch of random nail art

Hey y'all!  This week in class I did a bunch of different nail art so I just thought I'd share some of my favorites I did.

I just started doing random different nails.  On the top, the first one on the left was actually a design I have been wanting to do for a few months.  I saw that design when me and my kids were watching the Nickelodean Kid's Choice awards lol  

These 5 were my favorite designs of all but I love love love the black and white rose nails, I think it may be my absolute favorite of all of them

What do you think, which one is your favorite? 


  1. Really nice nail art designs! I especially like the all the florals one too :)

  2. I really like the black and white stripe with floral overlay and the blue with flowers.

  3. Lovely nail art work...very well done! My fav is the blue base with the black and white flowers.

  4. Could you do a tutorial pic on the black and white rose?


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